Promising Practices

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Reimagining Postsecondary Education

These Promising Practices focus on five key areas outlined by the Postsecondary Value Commission:

  • Equalize access to increase postsecondary value
  • Remove affordability as an impediment to postsecondary value
  • Eliminate completion gaps and strengthen post-college outcomes to ensure postsecondary value
  • Improve data to expose and address inequitable postsecondary value
  • Promote social justice by providing equitable postsecondary value

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Check out our Presidential PVC Task Force Talking Points to help guide engaging conversations about your institution’s Promising Practices.

Kean University

Degree-Seeking Success for English Language Learners

Kean University’s Supera program helps Latinx students complete their English as a Second Language requirements at the same time they take courses for their degrees, resulting in higher retention and graduation rates for these students.

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Louisiana State University Shreveport

Boosting Student Success With Meauxmentum Framework

Using the structure of a statewide initiative, this university redesigned its first-year experience course for underrepresented students to address equity gaps, bolster academic success, and strengthen the state’s workforce.

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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Casting a Wide Net of Support

When it comes to equalizing access to and affordability of postsecondary education, success hinges on developing a broad base committed to the cause

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Murray State University

Enhancing Retention Through Dual-Advising Model

A collaborative campus initiative provides first-year students with two advisors: one who supports their experience in this university’s campus services, registration, and schedules, and another who guides them through their academic journey in their major and minor programs.

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Northern Arizona University

Expanding Opportunity Through Greater Access

This university in the Southwest is articulating a transparent message of affordability and accessibility to students in underrepresented communities through its tuition-free initiative and admissions pilot program.

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Northern Arizona University

Using Data to Overcome Equity Gaps Through Improved Pedagogy

This university digs deep into disaggregated data to identify the equity gaps in its students’ learning outcomes and uses a development program it created to help faculty members remove the pedagogical barriers to their students’ academic success.

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